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Our firm does not handle cases involving criminal defense in either state or federal courts. If you are charged in state or federal court with a criminal offense we recommend that you retain a competent attorney who is experienced in handling criminal cases. You may want to contact the following attorneys.

Attorney at Law
600 Allerton St., Suite 202
Redwood City, California 94063

Telephone: (650) 216-7155


Attorney at Law
333 Bradford St. - Suite D
Redwood City, California 94063

Telephone: (650) 368-5700

Mr. Johnson is a graduate of:

Yale University (B.A.)
Columbia University (M.A.)
New York University Law School (J.D.)

Mr. Hayden is a graduate of:

University of California (B.A.)
University of Southern California (J.D.)

  • Mr. Johnson is a well-recognized, highly respected criminal law analyst and legal commentator for several local and national television stations.

  • Mr. Johnson has extensive jury trial experience in criminal prosecution and defense. He was a prosecutor for over fifteen years and has handled all kinds of criminal cases ranging from simple D.U.I. offenses to homicides.

  • Mr. Johnson handles cases in state and federal courts.

  • Mr. Hayden is a Certified Specialist in criminal law.

  • Mr. Hayden has significant jury trial experience ranging from misdemeanor D.U.I. cases to homicides and other serious felonies.

  • Mr. Hayden was law clerk to the Honorable Robert P. Aguilar and the Honorable W. James Ware, United States District Court for the Northern District of California.

  • Mr. Hayden is a former Deputy Public Defender for the County of Los Angeles.

Visit Mr. Hayden's website at www.yourcriminaldefender.com